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Independence Day: activities to do with kids

From watching patriotic films to singing patriotic songs together and narrating stories of the freedom struggle, here are a few ways by which you can enjoy Independence Day with your kid and also take him back to history.

The special day is almost here. On this day, our country achieved independence and broke the shackles of two hundred years of the British rule. With the blood and sweat of our freedom fighters, we achieved this independence that we enjoy till today.

Every year, Independence Day is celebrated all over India with a whole lot of grandeur and pomp on August 15. This is the day to go back in time and respect the sacrifices done by the freedom fighters, look back at history and respect the independence that was given to us.

Flag hoisting: With the national anthem being sung, the Indian flag is hoisted in neighbourhoods, schools, and even in home terraces. On this day, you can hoist the flag with your kid by your side and let him/her feel the pride of seeing the tricolour flying high.

Back to history: Sit with your kid and narrate tales of freedom struggle and the sacrifices that our freedom fighters did to achieve the independence.

Drama: Dress up as the freedom fighters from history and perform a drama together to educate your kid about the rich heritage and history of our country.

Patriotic songs: Teach patriotic songs to your kids and perform together to family and friends.

Movies: From Mother India to Mangal Pandey, there are a range of patriotic films that give us a glimpse of the struggle that went in achieving the freedom that we enjoy today. Watch the films with your kid and let him go back in history.

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