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New India- Two young kids aged 7 and 11 on their entrepreneurial journey

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

The news came as a surprise to the family of Rayyan and Ayaan - two brothers studying in grade 3 and grade 6, at Indus Universal School, Sainikpuri, Hyderabad. Little did they know about the idea of a startup brewing up in those young minds.

Rayyan and Ayaan were usually seen attending school, doing homework playing with their little brother or spending time watching cartoons on the television.

Azmath Sheriff, their father and the first seed investor of startup ‘MeraKiddo’ says “I was little puzzled and felt something was cooking up, when I saw both acting weird and discussing about technology. Marketing and Sales. I was not expecting that my kids are working on a business idea. One day while i was on my routine calls, Ayaan came to me and started to show the business plan that he penned down in his diary. But the real surprise came to me when I saw the website in play. I was also attracted to invest into it when I saw they had good clarity of their business model. It was truly amazing listening to their understanding on the business.”.

For Azmath, a serial Entrepreneur himself, it was just another investment into a startup, but this time around it came with two benifits. One, it came from two very young entrepreneurs who were his family and second, a thought that his kids were acquiring some great skills, while making those small advances in their entrepreneurial journey.

Thats how the concept of MeraKiddo came to reality.

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