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Young 7 year old from Hyderabad set to launch his online store marking India's independence day

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

When little kids of his age tend to spend their time in toys, seven year old Ayan penned down the idea of launching his own store. Rather than playing with toys, he decided to take a entrepreneurs journey towards making kids store his passion. Ayan in his words says - "I want to experience new gadgets, toys etc. and curate that experience on MeraKiddo, so i can share the same with my brothers, friends and many kids around me".

So here comes his efforts into a real venture - MeraKiddo. Born in a family closely associated to business, his father Azmath Sheriff is a IT and food Entrepreneur having portfolio in different companies, Ayan's mother is a housewife and works from home supporting the marketing initiatives for a company.

Azmath thinks Kids have extraordinary imaginations and, often, big dreams. For some, those dreams include starting businesses. Businesses can give kids the space to be creative innovators and make some money as well. An increasing number of states and communities have even made it easier for young entrepreneurs to earn money, but children and teens still need to secure the right paperwork to run their businesses legally.

While launching a business may require what seems like an overwhelming amount of information, it can be a great learning experience for your kid. Starting a business can help children learn a wide range of lessons, such as personal responsibility, the importance of teamwork and the value of a money. As long as you and your little entrepreneur conduct research and follow guidelines carefully, you both stand to gain a lot, including business experience, profits and even precious family memories.

For Ayan, the journey from conceptualising the idea to bringing it to reality was not that easy. He had resources in hand including support of his parents but Azmath made sure Ayan learnt things and does it on his own. He penned down his simple business plan in his favourite 'Bahubali' note book, categorised it into what he wants to do, what he wants to sell and how he wants to execute it. He has identified products that his age group likes to be with, and identified every nitty gritty of the business, where to store, how to package and deliver. His calculation of ROI and profits is driven by his gut feeling and astonishingly most of his calculations makes sense.

Ayan looks at this experience as a learning journey. Right now his passion is to explore many things that he wants to experience.

Hyderabad has been growing as a great destination for new technology startups, thanks to the able governance of the Chief Minister KCR and the able leadership of ‘Minister for Industries and Commerce, and information technology of Telangana’, Mr. KTR in developing entrepreneurship culture and support to development of several industries. The new generation looks forward for continual support from our political leadership to make our nation better and more prosperous.

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